Mithos v0.1.3.5

Hey everyone, back this week with another small update! Without any ado, let's get to the changelog.

-The SMG has been officially added to the weapons roster! Rain bullets on bad guys, but be mindful of how quickly it can chew through your ammunition. Controlled bursts are the key! (Psst: you can tap L on the keyboard to inspect a couple of the weapons, this will be expanded on in the future)

-Magic attacks now have a whole set of world model animations! Take a peek at your shadow while you're messing around with these abilities to check it out.

-Added a world space muzzle flash! This light source will also reflect your currently active energy color.

-Controller support has been given a bit more love, should feel a lot better to move around and aim with one now. Grenades, light and heavy magic attacks have been reallocated to one "Special" button. (Q by default on keyboard, Right Shoulder by default on a gamepad) Tap once to toss a grenade, double tap to activate a magic attack. Hold the second tap to utilize a stronger variant of your currently equipped magic.

-Fixed a bug where you would be unable to shoot without quickswapping to and from your holstered weapon after clambering.

-Fixed a bug where automatically uncrouching after a power slide would push the player through level geometry.

-Fixed a bug where changing any keybinds on the "Rebind Keys" submenu would wipe controller keybinds and render your gamepad useless, for now gamepad keys are unable to be remapped and are fixed to a standard Destiny-style layout but this is something I'll keep in mind for the future.

-Updated hints in the demo level to reflect recent changes to the game's mechanics. Took far longer to get around to than it should've.

-Other miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.

That's all for now, thanks for tuning in! Until next time folks. Cheers!


Mithos v0.1.3.5 391 MB
Jun 11, 2021

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