Mithos v0.1.3.6

Hey all! Here's an update that brings a huge overhaul to how aiming down sights works in Mithos! So let's strap in and get to the changelog:

-Aiming down sights now works the same way that games like Destiny handle it; the physical sight will be locked to the middle of the screen, movement is slightly slowed and aiming sensitivity is reduced. On several weapons, aiming down sights will also tighten the spread of bullets as they're fired. This is more noticeable on spread weapons like the shotgun, and less so on a jack of all trades like the pistol. This trait is not applied to precision weapons like the Railgun and Bow. Range and damage falloff is currently not affected by aiming. In an effort to balance this new feature, you will still take flinch damage while aiming. This can drastically throw off your accuracy when compared to shooting from the hip, so switch between the two modes on the fly if you find yourself facing a lot of bullets at once. 

-Added holographic sight details to provide some more flair to aiming down sights, if these prove to be distracting let me know and I can tone them down. These sights also change colors depending on your currently active energy color, including the railgun's scoped sight.

-Updated muzzle flashes to be a little more unique between weapons, removed the bow's because looking back it made zero sense.

-The SMG has received some more damage and fire rate tuning, still needs work but it shouldn't feel as overpowered as it was in it's first appearance.

-Fixed some animation issues when interrupting actions with other actions. Performing certain actions directly out of an ADS will still appear a little manky, this is an issue that's on my radar but wasn't gamebreaking enough for me to hold off getting this build out to you guys.

-Fixed an issue where bullets weren't actually shot towards the center of the player's screen, but slightly offset in seemingly random directions. Try this out and let me know if you experience any inaccuracy.

-Other misc performance improvements and gamepad tuning.

That's all for now, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more substantial updates coming soon. Cheers!


Mithos v0.1.3.6 392 MB
Jun 16, 2021

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