Mithos v0.1.3.7

Hey all! Here's a small update with a bunch of miscellaneous animation tweaks and fixes as well the addition of a couple new features, so let's get to the changelog!

-The field of view slider now works as initially intended! Your viewmodel is no longer affected by changing the FOV, so animations will now look consistent regardless of what FOV you choose to play at! There is still a bit of shadow artifacting at higher FOVs but this is an issue that's on my radar and I'll correct it in the near future.

-Your field of view will slightly increase when sprinting! This should help make your choice to sprint feel even more beneficial to your movement speed, even if it is just a visual effect :)

-Procedural recoil is now in! Your view will smoothly recenter after firing, at a different rate depending on your currently equipped weapon.

-Added new armor slot icons! No more using assets pulled from Google Images :)

-All weapons now have two "fidget" animations that randomly play when you haven't interacted with the game for a few seconds! Not a super important feature but I always thought it was interesting to step away from a game for a minute to come back and find my character idly inspecting their weapon, so it's in now!

-All weapons have been given a jumping animation when initially leaving the ground!

-Additional camera animations have been added to accentuate bigger movements in animation!

-The shotgun has a new firing animation! No more silly overexaggerated recoil on this one, and I put more work into a satisfying "pumping" motion. Fire rate and ready speed remains as is.

-Sprinting into a clamber no longer has a weird lingering sprint pose after the clamber animation is finished.

-Corrected more miscellaneous blending issues between animations, and slightly optimized constantly firing code for better performance.

-Many other miscellaneous bugfixes and tweaks.

As a final note, a lot of these new features I've added recently and am going to add in the near future are dependent on your game hitting at least 60 frames per second. If you experience any weird behavior, try reducing your resolution to increase your performance and hit that target frame rate. I'll add more video settings soon that will allow you to tailor your experience to get the best balance between beauty and performance your machine can handle. Thanks so much for reading, it won't be long before you hear from me again! Cheers


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Jun 26, 2021

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