Mithos v0.1.3.8

Hey all! A tiny update today, mostly focused on bugfixes and improvements to previous implemented features. Let's get to the changelog!

-Updated the settings menu to be split into categories in an attempt to declutter and make more room for additional settings in the future.

-Added depth of field! This is altered on the fly to accommodate different fields of view and can also be disabled in the video screen of the settings menu if the effect doesn't suit your preferences.

-Fixed an Aim Down Sight issue where the weapon would jarringly snap to the center of your screen if ADSing while moving.

-Updated monkey bar swing animation to include pumping your legs!

-Other tiny tweaks and improvements to optimization.

That's all for now, expect more coming down the pipeline really soon! Cheers


Mithos v0.1.3.8 392 MB
Jun 29, 2021

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