Mithos v0.1.4.0

Hey all, it's certainly been a while!

I just couldn't wait to get this version of Mithos out there and in folks hands, so this is more of a thorough overhaul of nearly  every facet of the game since the last build in June. Don't expect to see a lot of new content in this update (although there are certainly quite a few new things to check out, listed below!); all that'll be coming shortly. I'm moving to a different state in the near future and wanted to make sure I at least replaced the June build with something more representative of what the game's like to play and interact with these days. My development schedule may be in flux over the next few weeks but I fully intend to hit the ground running once I'm all set up in the new place. Hope you all enjoy what you see so far! 

(Summarized) Changelog is as follows:

-Removed magic ability system. This was a tough pill to swallow but as it existed in earlier versions of the game, there were simply too many options at the player's disposal to manage for both myself as the developer and, more often than not, the folks playtesting Mithos. These abilities may be revisited in the future, hate to see decent animation work go to waste!

-Added a proper third person mode! This iteration will no longer severely tank your performance; if you can run Mithos in first person, you're good to go in third!

-Added split screen co-op! A new experimental feature I've included so you can try Mithos out with your friends! Networked multiplayer is not on the roadmap as it stands, but may be revisited in the future. Connect a controller for your co-op partner to use, or connect two controllers if both players wish to use gamepads. Then, in the pause menu, click the option to "Enter Co-Op". Fair warning, spawning and respawning on your partner are quite buggy at the moment!

-Added proper gamepad support for the whole game thus far! Navigate menus and experiment with the three different control schemes to find what suits you best. (NOTE: gamepad sensitivity and mouse sensitivity use the same slider at the moment, and the gamepad inputs are much touchier with higher sensitivity values. I recommend 40 sens for gamepad, and 80 sens for M&KB as a baseline)

-Many, many other nitty gritty technical detail related things that don't sound interesting enough in writing to mention here.

-Added a Halo easter egg to celebrate the recent success of 343's flights :) This will be removed in later builds.


Mithos v0.1.4.0 (Pre) 474 MB
Oct 05, 2021

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